How to Join Us as a Therapist!                      

1009 Frederick Rd Catonsville or 516 N Rolling Rd Catonsville 21228

Flexible Hourly Option OR Set Schedule

We are 40+ practitioners sharing an attractive suite of 10 offices. Pay by the hour or by the month for a set group of hours.There are many ways to use our offices.Most of us use the flexible option. It allows you to book a reservation online for whatever hour or hours you need for your practice. Your rate decreases as your frequency increases. And you can cancel and owe nothing if your client has to reschedule. A traditional rent is also possible if you want to have a set schedule. Three hours every week (all month long) is $130, 6 hours a week is $200, 12 hours a week is $320. This leaves you FREE to change your schedule from month to month as it ebbs and flows, or to address vacations or illness

It's Pretty Straight Forward....

First... Come visit us. Like What you see?

Then...Sign Up! It's $15, then $15 per month.

Finally, reserve and pay for your office needs easily online! You can rent as little as an hour when you need it, or rent a whole month. There is no minimum to rent,  we can ebb and flow just as any practice does - your overhead doesn't have to suffer. You are not tied to few or limited hours. There will be a room ready and waiting when you reserve.

Renting Flexibly? :

 It's $15/hour, and if your practice rents more than 12 hours in a month, you will enjoy a reduced rate of $12/hr. Rent 20 hours (whenever you need them, as you go!) and end up paying $10 per hour. You don't ever have to get stuck paying for an office when you don't need it. The more you rent, the lower your hourly rate becomes. You would NEVER pay more than you would for a full time office. If you KNOW your schedule each month, and have it set and firm, the rate is even lower for pre-selected blocks of time.  6 routine hours every week, all month long is $200, for example.

Some examples? Sure! Have one client each week? You will have paid $60 of rent at the end of your month. Have one weekly and one monthly client? You would end up having paid $75 for rent this month. Going away on vacation in March? (Good for you, by the way!) You will have no rent to pay, and only a $15 membership fee for March.

All right! It's your turn. Call us at 443-312-9004 and we can show you around! My email is Let's see if we are for you!

You can easily book and pay for space from your phone!

If you prefer, contact me via online form HERE



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The Pictures on my site are all by my talented brother, David Montgomery

The Pictures on my site are all by my talented brother, David Montgomery