I really want to begin my private practice now BUT...

I want to, i just cant afford the office commitment

You now have the experience and you are wondering - how on earth do people afford this on their own? Can I? You absolutely can.

You can pay at each hour you use. This means you will never pay for an empty office. In this way your overhead for your office will not exceed your income from your clients. Simple.

Membership is $15 per month. You will never lose a client who cant see you at the office you are borrowing only Tuesday mornings and Sunday at noon (ugh). For all intents and purposes you have a full time office. Just not the full time rent. You can rent additional hours as needed several ways. The most anyone pays an hour is $15 - the rate gets lower as frequency increases. You can also move on to your next adventure because you have no lease.

1) book an hour once you have a client interested. You can do this entirely online. You can select your favorite room, or rent whatever room is free at the particular time you need

2) you can cancel the reservation if plans change

3) as you get busier, your rate will lower. You will NEVER spend a ridiculous amount for your needs.

4)once you have a routine need for clients and dont want to book by the hour, you can plan your schedule every month - or plan some reservations but know you also have an office available if a need arises. 

I want to, I just dont want to be alone. Where do I start?

With the advent of virtual counseling and all the online assistance for paperwork and insurance, many therapists are venturing our on their own. This means lots of Facebook groups, Webinars, YouTube Channels and hundreds of books on how to seek support. A few:

Selling the Couch

facebook group for Baltimore County Mental Health Practitioners, also Therapists in Private Practice (TIPP), Mastering Insurance for Mental Health Professionals

NASW publishes many books on the subject including : 

• Prudent Practice: A Guide for Managing Malpractice Risk, Mary Kay Houston-Vega and Elane M. Nuehring with Elisabeth R. Daguio
• Managed Care Resource Guide for Social Workers Who Are Private Practitioners, Vivian H. Jackson, Editor
• Marketing for Therapists: A Handbook for Success in Managed Care, Jeri Davis, Editor
• Social Work in Private Practice, 2nd Edition, Robert L. Barker

facebook group Growing your child and adolescent practice


I am not sure I know enough about private practice yet.

It’s important to do your research and use the information provided by the state of Maryland and the National Association of Social Workers or the the Board of Professional Counselors  

From the NASW:

The NASW Private Practice Section, formed in 1996, provides clinical social workers in private practice with networking, education, advocacy, and business tools needed to succeed in independent practice. Section membership is open to all NASW members who are clinically oriented and are full-time or part-time practitioners in solo or group settings. It is also open to others interested in promoting private practice. For an application for membership, call 1-800-638-8799, extension 268.

Should you have any additional questions about starting a private practice, contact Mirean Coleman, Senior Staff Associate for Clinical Social Work, Division of Professional Development and Advocacy, at 1-800-638-8799, extension 265.

National Association of Social Workers
750 First Street, NE, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20002-4241

Private Practice is my Dream

Many of us who are certified and licensed have a plan to eventually be our own boss. Catonsville Counseling and Wellness is one way you can start. We can be a stepping stone to your own brick and mortar shop. We can be the primary location that affords you the budget  to promote and market. We can be the second location that keeps you busy enough to expand and experiment. Or we can be the IRL offices to expand your virtual market and assure your success. Come see us and find out. 410-660-5346

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