Practitioners of Catonsville Counseling Community:

1009 Frederick Rd


Amy Armstrong, LCSW-C One of the bravest actions a person can take is seeking therapy.  Finding a therapist you can trust to be a part of your journey can be life-changing, and I strive to make each therapeutic relationship a comfortable and trusting one.   I work with individuals and families, with a particular focus on adolescents and young adults.  I have experience working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse/addiction, grief and relationship issues.  I wholeheartedly believe that each person is more than a diagnosis and that everyone has the power to heal. Schedule is on a case by case basis.  Interested clients can email me at to discuss a schedule.  Please contact or (443) is preferrable

David Bell ,LCSW-C  I am a certified practitioner in a psychotherapy called Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy. It is a relational and mind-body approach to deep and lasting change by privileging positive emotional and change oriented experience over disorder and dysfunction. My approach is deeply empathetic and disarming, creating a profoundly safe and genuine space where my clients and I can be true human beings at the greatest depth possible. I work with teens sixteen years old and up to any age and I work with marriage and couples counseling. I specialize in transforming emotional experience and co-creating a new life narrative with PTSD, depression, substance abuse, and other anxiety, stress disorders, self-esteem, self-harm, and attachment disorders. 
Clients can contact me directly by: 443-494-8034 or my website"

Makida Bey,MA, CLC
At the Resilience Therapy Center, LLC, you will find a commitment to rediscovering your inner strengths, regaining your confidence and building the courage to face life's challenges. We provide individual and couples therapy, as well as resilience coaching. We understand the challenges facing career-committed professionals, family-oriented individuals and clients seeking personal growth and spirituality. The Resilience Therapy Center, LLC is committed to providing a safe and compassionate environment to work together with you to create positive change. We use a client- centered and holistic approach to helping you achieve the best of who you are. In addition to our physical Catonsville location, we offer online and over the phone sessions for your convenience.

Neriza Candelario, LCSW-C   Therapy is about creating a safe environment in which you can review your past choices and learn to make new, healthier choices for your future.  All aspects of our work together are tailored to meet your individual needs. With your strengths, the process of healing and change can begin.  My specialty is as follows:

*working with adults who have never been in therapy before and have traumas from early in life that interfere with healthy functioning in the present

*teens who require non-traditional therapeutic interactions to engage and establish the rapport necessary to work clinically.

*Young adults struggling in the transition to independence and college challenges

My website provides more information about me and how I work.  If you want to schedule an intake to begin working with me, I can be reached at 443-261-4805 or email me at  I am available for outside supervision.  I am an approved supervisor by:

*Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners

*Maryland Board of Professional Counselors

Also available for consultation with setting up private practice and billing. 

Craig Chilcott, LCPC

Holly Dawsey, LCSW-C, I  provide individual and couples counseling. Please call Holly at 410.292.3121

Trent Evans PhD, Clinical Psychologist I invite you to my website to find out more about me and my practice. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for psychotherapy, please call me at 410-5-EVANS-5 (410-538-2675). I will schedule a free 15-minute initial phone consultation with you to discuss your situation and goals and to evaluate whether I think I might be able to assist you. I look forward to helping you move forward with the life you envision for yourself.

Amanda Hines, LCSW-C, Developing Wellness Solutions is a mental health therapy program that provides support in managing stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, behavioral concerns, family issues and other life challenges. We serve clients in their home, in the office or a safe place in the community. . Contact Amanda Hines, LCSW-C to schedule an appointment (410) 501-9591.

Kathleen (Kathy) Kern, LCSW-C, Fresh Perspective Therapy. I provide mental health and wellness support to clients experiencing mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, trouble managing stress or a recent change, and difficulty with communication or family relationships.  My approach is to enhance your strengths and identify goals to help you succeed.  I also promote living a healthier lifestyle and utilizing natural remedies such as aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, and spending time in nature.  I accepts a number of insurance plans and offers a reasonable private pay fee.  Feel free to check me out at  If you are interested in scheduling or just learning more, call 410-572-7981 or email

April Moreno, LCSW-C 443-805-6859

Sandra Nicht, I am a member of the very first cohort at Maryland University of Integrative Health to earn a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy. This rigorous degree program is a non-lineage based  evidence-informed outcome-oriented program that trains Yoga teachers of all backgrounds how to unite the scientific evidence supporting Yoga as Therapy with desired client outcomes of pain reduction, alleviation of stress, and maintenance of healthy body, mind, and soul. This training acknowledges that diagnosis and treatment of disease conditions or physical injuries is in the scope of practice of licensed medical practitioners and not that of yoga therapists, however with the knowledge and recommendation of your medical practitioner I am qualified to adapt the practices of yoga to help you manage your experiences with these conditions. Contact Sandra if you need a referral to a licensed medical professional.

Yvonne Ofori,LCSW-C

Dr. Ifeoluwa Oyefeso DNP CRNP-PMH Zion Health Systems is a private practice that provide psychiatric services. The vision of Zion Behavioral Health Systems is to make mental health services accessible for all individuals. The practice provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and medication management. The practice thrives on a holistic approach to treatment of psychiatric symptoms. The goal is to ensure that individuals are able to attain their optimal level of functioning in the community. You can call - 443-3558041, E-mail -, and IG- @zionhealthsystems

Amy Phillips, LCSW-C, Evening and weekend hours available. I specialize in depression, anxiety, self-harming, PTSD, stress and alcohol and substance abuse counseling I have experience with step-parenting, blended families and military families. I provide counseling for adults and children dealing with anxiety, alcohol, stress, drugs, and sexual health issues. I evaluate client progress according to measurable goals described in treatment plan and goals. I also conduct crises interventions and provide counseling for clients in need for suicidal tendencies, cutting and self-harming. Call me at 757-651-3009

Meredith Rigatuso,LCPC  I am a Baltimore based licensed clinical professional counselor providing cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to assist in a magnitude of issues. For the past 10 years, I have worked with children and adolescents, along with their parents/guardians, who have an autism spectrum diagnosis, within the home and community to educate and provide strategies for maladaptive behaviors and overall life skill development. I am available to assist in your home (natural setting), as well as offer individual and group therapy at my Catonsville office location.Social skills and life skills groups available for children and adolescents of all ages and development level. With individualized goals, groups are designed to increase communication and facilitate more effective decision making for transitioning into adulthood. Self advocacy training, problem solving and self awareness/regulation are topics addressed.Parenting can be challenging for everyone. Workshops available to assist with a variety of difficult behaviors, from toilet training, targeted physical aggression, noncompliance, self-injurious behaviors (SIB's),etc.  410.242.2953                  

Nancy Seibel, M.Ed.,NCC, BCC. Keys to Change, LLC Taking service-centered professionals from burning out to fired up. Life coaching for individuals and consulting for early childhood nonprofits., 240-997-0288.

Charlene Williams, LCSW-C and CHT (Certified Hypnotherapist)

(10684), Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT), Past Life Regression, Energy psychology practitioner -- Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Pranic Psychotherapy; Breath work. Other therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, are also utilized in my practice. Issues addressed: depression, anxiety, relationship, sexual trauma/abuse, and physical abuse. You can expect caring, respect, positive regard and non judgement, during our work together!

For more information please contact me at 410 944 4424. Adults only. Cash or credit card accepted. For insurance reimbursement please contact your insurance carrier regarding out of network providers